Since 2008, the International Body Music Festival presents traditional and contemporary Body Music groups, who exemplify the range of artistic and sonic expression possible with only the instrument we all share. Body Music - clapping, stepping, snapping, vocalizing - is the oldest music on the planet and it’s brand new. At the intersection of composition and choreography, it is music you can see, dance you can hear.


PLAYGROUND for the arts is the center of an international community of artists, students and public interested in performing arts, with an emphasis on rhythm studies and research. Our mission is to create bridges between disciplines and build an educational environment of collaboration, cross-training and inclusivity. Since 2009 we have been designing and implementing educational programs for adults and children, people with or without disabilities, professionals and amateurs, organizing festivals, performances, concerts and open jams. Our activities have developed a network of internationally acclaimed artists and educators, award-winning pioneers in their fields, with whom we collaborate regularly and often have the pleasure to host in our center in Athens.

PLAYGROUND began its collaboration with IBMF in 2011. Since then, artistic director Keith Terry visits Athens for workshops, shows and festival on a regular basis and most recently on an annual basis. Founding members along with artists of PLAYGROUND have taken part in the International Body Music Festival that Terry curates in different parts of the world (San Francisco, Bali, Ghana, Italy, France) and have collaborated with him on multiple artistic projects (International Day of Body Music, Body Music Show, the CHIBOW project, and more). In 2017 and 2019, PLAYGROUND hosted two IBMF Minifests for the greek audience full of workshops, concerts and outreach programmes.

Yiota Peklari
Natasha Martin
Thanos Daskalopoulos


Founded in 1979 by Artistic Director Keith Terry,  the non-profit cultural organization Crosspulse is dedicated to the creation, performance and recording of rhythm-based, intercultural music and dance. All of the organization's programs and ensembles involve the vital role that rhythm plays in performing arts throughout the world, and explore how this commonality of rhythm connects us in unexpected ways. Artists focus on the global artform of Body Music - exploring the sonic possibilities of the instrument we all share.    

Artistic Director Keith Terry is known internationally as a pioneer in the artform of Body Music, and through the IBMF, the Body Tjak Projects, and other projects in Crosspulse’s 34-year history, has instigated an international community that looks to the organization as a recognized conduit of this work.
He was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship in 2008.

Keith Terry
Evie Ladin
Andrew Reissiger
Cathrine Veikos
Cecilia Engelhart